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Lubricate your sales engine



A whisper in the right ear is better than shouting from the rooftops.
MARCOM has a great track record in producing direct marketing strategies that exceed expectations.
This is because we see the bigger picture. We understand that everything hinges on planning. What are our objectives? Who is our audience? Where will we find them? How can we make them listen? The success, or otherwise, of direct marketing boils down to how intelligently we can answer these questions.
MARCOM identifies the targeted audience, studies their characteristics, daily routine, shopping behavior, needs, wants and aspirations.
Our services include data provision and data cleansing, market research, planning and strategy, creative output and, of course, timely delivery and fantastic service!

When you plan & execute your direct marketing campaign with us, you can rest assured that:

  • We have the sufficient know-how, know-who and know- why to successfully run your campaign.
  • Our consultants will provide you with the best advices and insights in planning and executing your campaign.
  • Your whole campaign can be managed centrally & totally through us, which will eliminate the problems caused by different priorities and understandings happen when outsourcing campaigns to different agencies.
  • You can choose your right target audience, by simply choosing your segments, industries and functions.
  • You will get the best quality, since we use our own email, SMS and fax channels as well as a diversity of mail suppliers from local post offices to fast forwarders.
  • Our creative team will help you write & design your special offer that converts.