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If you do not have your own marketing department, and you need help implementing new marketing activities, you can depend on marcom as an outsourced marketing department.
MARCOM's team provides accurate results by using the best scientific methods in measuring customers' satisfaction.
MARCOM directs the businesses efforts toward the most efficient ways of achieving customer satisfaction in a way that ensures not only keeping its customers but also adding new ones.
MARCOM assists new businesses in laying out an appropriate pricing policy that responds to the market environment, the business's market share, and competitors' standing.

20% of your customers make 80% of your income.
retrieving an old customer costs 7 times more than attracting a new one.
Spending 5% more on your relationship with your customer may raise your income from this customer by 50%


When you select us as your business partner, you can guarantee that:

  • You will get a partner who will seek your visions and goals as if they were his own
  • You will get a wide and flexible mix of solutions, that is perfectly tailored to fit your needs