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We are an energetic, professional, unique marketing agency, based in Ramallah , we are committed to help businesses create and implement high-performance marketing plans, campaigns and initiatives. We will ensure that all your marketing efforts are directed at your ideal target market.

What We Do?

MARCOM was founded as a response to the market's need in light of the lack of professional direct marketing providers.
Our experienced team provides direct marketing services as a part of our client needs- assessment services package which is designed to develop the company's products and/or services in a way that they respond to the customer's specific needs and thus achieving profit for the company in a convenient time span.
We are mainly focused into Direct Marketing, Events Management, Creative Design & Production, Media Planning, Digital Marketing , yet our portfolio has a wide range of services that are designed to fit all your marketing needs.

How We Do It?

We believe that every business or organization is unique; with its own individual challenges, its distinct goals and aspirations, and its own cherished philosophy and values.

We offer our clients insight, intelligence and an effective strategy that addresses their specific needs.

That's what makes us different. We listen, we understand, we plan and we execute.

About Us

in front of each challenge we face. we assemble the best team that achive your goals in the best shape.

we chollect the pioneers in innovation with digital software experts, profissional promotional activities,public relations consultant,to provide you with ideas and solutions to develop your brand and bussiness.

We're 13 happy employees .

Our Values

We are always HONEST, ETHICAL & FAIR.


We always strive to be SUCCESSFUL.

We INSPIRE CONFIDENCE in our clients.

We never stop LEARNING nor IMPROVING.

We love that WoW look at our customers' faces.

we love what we do.